Monday, October 26, 2009

The Sushi Thing

If you've been paying attention AT ALL to my eating habits as revealed here on Bookpuddle, you will know what a change of gears this is for me.
<-- Sushi!
Not kidding.
I actually ate this stuff today and it was FANTASTIC!
The photo you see here, with Einstein hovering in the background, this was the scene in the lunchroom -- well, just before I slathered that stuff in soy sauce. See the little packets of it there?
Mmmmmm, honest-to-God, it was delightful.
Filling, in a very non-heavy way.
I think my body was a bit shocked. As this pile of sushi began falling into my gut, I could actually hear my entire gastrointestinal system crying out -- "What the hell?"
Usually at this exact moment it is receiving stuff that used to be a cow!

I'm going to do this again, for sure, the sushi thing.
This particular tray was called Spicy California Maki. I even used those wooden things that came with the whole kit.
I refrained from the wasabi sauce.... see the small green packet of it there?
My co-worker Teo grabbed it, ripped it open, and emptied the entire thing out onto what he was eating at the time. Just as he was shoving a forkful of it into his mouth I said, "I don't think you want to be doing that, man!"
It completely healed him of a sinus problem he's had since childhood!
All in all, an interesting afternoon in the ol' lunchroom.



rhapsodyinbooks said...

I'm sure as you know in some circles the little green packets are considered to be Weapons of Mass Destruction!

Beth said...

I’m about to try Dim Sum for the first time in my life and wondering how I will fare. What have we done to our digestive systems? Other than deprive them...

Stefanie said...

You should have put ketchup and mustard on your sushi so your stomach wouldn't have been so completely surprised about it not really being hamburger ;)

Jeane said...

Ooh, we love sushi here! I must have the strangest kid ever- five years old and she doesn't care for pizza or spaghetti but will eat just as much sushi as any of us in the best restaurants. She likes the raw fish ones, too! I don't touch wasabi with a ten-foot-pole though, just a little drop will drain my sinuses. Ouch.

cipriano said...

Truly, the wasabi does not agree with my.... sense of Harmony With The Universe. What the hell is it made of? Horseradish and dynamite?

Give me a report on the Dim Sum. How was it?
I'm always looking for new ideas, when it comes to food-devouring.

Good advice.
And yet -- I'm really sold on those soy sauce packets! They were positively delightful. I think each one had the equivalent sodium content of 8 gallons of sea water. My heart was palpitating!

When I was five years old, there was no such thing as sushi, because life had not yet even crawled out of the ocean so that we could roll it up in seaweed and sticky rice!