Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Today's The Day!

Speaking of John Irving, today is the day his new book hits the racks!
Last Night In Twisted River.
It's officially available in the stores. [At least here in Canada!]
<-- I know this because here it is on the shelf at the Chapters store [I am writing this from the Starbucks within the place] and yesterday it was NOT yet available.

I took this picture about three minutes ago!
[Cippy, do you LIVE at that store?] Yeah, pretty much.
When I'm not at work you can usually find me here, clicking live footage of virtual book porn like this new offering from Mr. Irving.
But this book, oh my God, I guess along with The Year of The Flood, this was my most anticipated novel of 2009! I just love John Irving.
And this new book has such a TERRIFIC first sentence -- The young Canadian, who could not have been more than fifteen, had hesitated too long.
You just know that the rest of this thing is going to be good!
I watched Irving being interviewed by George Stroumboulopoulos [say that with a mouth full of crackers!] last night on The Hour!
FASCINATING interview! I video-ed it, but the quality is so poor I currently refuse to post it here.

So, am I leaving the store today with a fresher-than-fresh new Irving book?
I have a sneaky sneaky suspicion that I am going to be soon receiving a FREE copy, so I'm holding off on dragging one of these beauties to the cashier.
Besides -- at the rate I am currently going [definitely NOT the speed of light] I may still be reading this massive Einstein book on into the Christmas season!



Beth said...

Of all the blogs I read, yours consistently makes me laugh. (Not at the serious posts...) This time? It was the, “...George Stroumboulopoulos [say that with a mouth full of crackers!]...” bit!
I’m looking forward to reading Irving’s new book, too.

Stefanie said...

Yay for new books by favorite authors! The good folks at Chapters should set up a cot for you in the stock room so you and Jack can move in permanent-like ;)

Anonymous said...

First of all, an new Irving is always cause for celebration.
Second, why do you pay rent for an appartment you rarely see? Buy shares in Chapters and just move in while declaring you're part-owner.
p.s. You HAVE to read The Water Method Man.

cipriano said...

The finest compliment anyone could say to me is that i made them laugh, now and then. So, thank you.

Don't laugh. I am seriously considering getting all my mail redirected there.

I am going to a huge used-book-sale soon..... I shall keep my peepers peeled for the Water Method Man.