Thursday, December 17, 2009

Nicely Twisted, in Pickled River...

Have you ever discovered a great beer as a by-product of reading a great book?
I did.
In the Toronto segments of the new John Irving novel Last Night in Twisted River, everyone is always drinking this Toronto-brewed pilsner beer:
Steam Whistle.
So I picked up 24 of these beauties after work today!
And what can I say?
Which [by the way......] was EXCELLENT!
I am currently... pleasantly pickled.
Thank John, you..... Irving.



Sam Sattler said...

I wondered if that were a real beer. The name struck me as odd so I should have known it was for real. Sounds like good stuff.

Isabella said...

OMG, I miss Steam Whistle! Can't get it in these parts. I fell prey to the packaging.

Beth said...

The book inspired me to eat and you to drink. John Irving has much to answer for.

Shark said...

No SW in Quebec; it's one of the reasons I make frequent trips to Ontario. Seriously, next time you're in Toronto stop by the Steam Whistle brewery at the old round house under the CN tower and take the tour. The story of how they started the brewery is interesting, and plus, they give you free beer and pretzels, brewed/baked that very day, so you know it's fresh.

Merisi said...

24? Potzblitzen! ;-)

I still don't read John Irving.
He somehow escapes.