Thursday, January 14, 2010

And the Royal Jackass Award goes to...

You know friends, there are times when I just stay silent, and there are other times when I have to declare someone Idiot of the Year!
<-- This guy right here takes the cake!
Evangelist Pat Robertson.
Grand Poobah of the "700 Club" -- part-time Presidential Wannabe, full-time ROYAL JACKASS!
As if the situation in Haiti right now isn't bad enough, this Jackass has to announce to the world that he knows WHY the earthquake happened.
He's got the hotline on Omniscience!
I just read this article --> HERE and it makes me want to puke.
Apparently, Haiti made some kind of national pact with the devil and so... ipso facto God Himself [I suppose] either caused or allowed the tectonic plates to shift so as to bury the place in rubble!
Wow, that is just SUCH valuable information Pat!
Thank you for sharing your wisdom with the rest of us.

You know what's the most confusing thing about "God"?
The abysmal ignorance of some of his spokesmen!
Maybe Robertson would say it's not God that "caused" or "allowed" the earthquake, it was the "Devil" that made it happen. Well, that would be even more crazy. How useless would this "God" have to be, that "he" would not be able to thwart such cruel intentions?
And what would one make of this other story? A dear Ontario lady that selflessly goes to Haiti to help the people there, and she arrives in town 90 minutes before the disaster hits.
You can read about it --> HERE.
She's there an hour-and-a-half... and then she's dead!
That brings it down to a more individual perspective, doesn't it?
Where "answers" have to be a few notches above the realm of idiocy! My point is, why should this woman have to pay with her life for this Devil Pact that was made way back when?

I'm sure morons like Pat Robertson would maybe say -- "Well. When official pacts are made with the Devil -- or whatever, hey, the stakes are high. When you mess with Devil things, it's like.... it's like really really serious what can happen!"



Sam Sattler said...

I met this guy (even shook his hand) at the Republican national convention held in Houston in 1992. I was working security on the convention floor and he walked up to me and introduced himself. There was something spooky and "glittery" in his eyes even in those days. He made me feel very if I had been lucky to get my hand back.

Stefanie said...

He is such a hateful man supposedly preaching the word of God. Even worse, there are people who beleive him. Personally, I am hoping for a little Divine Retribution against Robertson.

Dorothy W. said...

To call him a royal jackass is being too kind I think. I've got stronger words I'd like to call him...

Anonymous said...

Yikes, what a class a moron! I just hope he was never allowed to breed.
Jackass is an understatement.

cipriano said...

Sam, Stefanie, Dorothy, and C:
It seems that we are in unanimity. [<-- Is that even a word?]
I have since read an article about Robertson that shows that he has been saying a plethora of loony things for a long long time.
I have one simple equation to sum up not only Pat Robertson but anyone else who is infected with what he is infected with:

Anonymous said...

Hi there

Have been reading your blog for a while now - thanks for many entertaining and thought-provoking posts!

I think you'll be very interested in this link - an excellent little essay on God, disasters and evil.


Erin in Boston said...

Yeah, now you know why I'm not a Christian anymore and why I gave up on "organized" religion. The only "organized" religion I like is Buddhism because they teach loving kindness and compassion - AND ACTUALLY LIVE THE TEACHINGS! What a concept!