Monday, January 11, 2010

Veracity Problems

It has come to my attention that what I think of as sarcasm [maybe that's even the wrong word]... maybe what I really mean is "joking-around" or something... but, in any case, several people have mentioned to me that some of the things I write on my blog from time to time are not only confusing, but can be construed as though I am lying. [about myself].
For instance, a couple of nights ago [scroll down] I wrote a wee blog about my playing in a rock band when I was younger [which is entirely true]... but I went on to say that I had unearthed "rare footage" of one of our gigs.
When I do things like that from time to time, however, I'm really just going for a laugh.
Just fooling around. Saying something but not really meaning it 100% at face-value.
I mention all of this because several people have been asking if that is REALLY me sliding off of the chair in a drunken stupor, in the video-clip.
No, it is not.
But neither did I ever expect anyone to think that it actually was.
For one thing, I am way better-looking than that guy there in the clip.

I am re-thinking my sarcasm-issues tonight.
But see, I like to make fun of myself -- and so I often run into these Problems of Veracity.

A perfect example comes to mind: [By the way, the following is 100% true and not being sarcastical....]
When I was in college I had a friend back home and we would exchange a cassette tape in the mail, of us talking to each other. I was on one side, he was on the other.
One time I said, on my side of the tape, "James, I'll be right back, gotta go to the can..."
I then dubbed in the most horrendous bowel-movement ever recorded in the history of mankind. It was from some comedy album. I mean you could hear where I had sort of spliced the thing... in other words, I had never assumed that my friend would actually BELIEVE it was me in the washroom and that I had somehow not known I had left the cassette tape running. My God, if any real person...... excreted..... even 50% of what was going on in the tape, they would have lost about five human beings worth of internal organs down the toilet!
A week later, when I got the tape back, there was my friend James saying on Side 2, "Ummm...... I don't know how to tell you this, but, like... you left the tape running and..."
He went on with stuff like, "You should see a doctor about that..." [I'm not making this up].
So now what was I to do? I was EMBARRASSED!
Now the burden was on me to PROVE to him that it wasn't real!

So, dear friends....... sometimes I joke around.
My blogpage is that realm where I can say I am dating Nicole Kidman.
Or Nicole Krauss.
Or...... Nick O. Craus [a super-great guy I met the other night...]

Yes, I HAVE been exactly as drunk as that guy that was sliding off his drum-chair in the video a few blogs ago... but no.
That was not me there in that particular clip!
Just like, well... read the ENDING of this blog --> HERE!
Again, not really me! [My own Borat-style body-thong is more of a fuschia color....]
I just like to joke around.
And never more than when I am the subject matter!
Perhaps I should tone it down a notch?



Stefanie said...

The only thing I assume you don't joke around about is what you think of the books you read, everything else including the humongus amount of hamburger you eat I take as a joke. Okay, maybe not the hamburger either, but everything else ;) Please don't tone anything down, I love the zaniness of your blog!

Isabella said...

Don't ever change, Cip!

Anonymous said...

Please do NOT tone anything down... Wait does that sound a little off to you?

Melwyk said...

What, you mean everything you've said isn't the strict truth? Is your name even Cipriano? ;)

Don't change! You have The Best stories -- please continue to share your take on this crazy world.

cipriano said...

As I have rarely been so tired after a grueling 11-hour day at work, I must present my response by way of One Group-Hug to the four of you and say, "Thank you for encouraging me in my wayward ways!"
I feel empowered to continue on in my Non-Lying, Yet Sometimes Way-Exaggerant Style!
-- Cip