Saturday, February 27, 2010

I Am Such A Dork!

This very afternoon I did not even have to move from my chair at Starbucks to prove beyond any reasonable doubt that I am probably the world's most majorest DORK!
<-- Lately I have been using an elastic band as a bookmark. [As you can see in the photo].
The novel I am currently reading [The Moonstone] can be nicely held open by the elastic on the left half of the book. Tucking each page into that elastic leaves my hands free to do other things like make a complete fool of myself.

So -- I get my coffee and sit down in this one area of Starbucks. There are four comfortable leather chairs all sort of pointing inward toward each other, with a table in the middle. I got the fourth chair, the rest are full. A guy is reading the newspaper to the left of me, and across, a husband and wife are having a chat.
I retrieve The Moonstone from my backpack and just as I settle in and flip the thing open -- SPROING goes my bookmark -- vaults through the air and hits the guy in the chest, bouncing onto the floor.
He is startled and I am already saying, "Oh my God, I'm so sorry!"
He says, "What was that?"
"My bookmark," I say.... "Oh, I'm so sorry! I can't believe that happened!"
He picks it up and hands it back to me.... and I bury myself in Wilkie Collins.
I'm still there when they leave. So that was Dork Incident #1.

Soon, some other guy sits down in the chair vacated by my previous victim and the other chair remains empty. I keep reading, minding my own business...
But after a bit, I look at my watch, and it is past 3 p.m.
As I quickly pack up my stuff, I say to this total stranger, "Wow! Some hockey fans we are, hey?"
"I'm sorry. I'm not sure what you mean!" he says.
"Well, the game. The GAME! It's already starting! And...... we're sitting here!"
By now I am walking away.

When I am in my car, driving toward home I flick on the radio to see if I can catch any live coverage of "the game".
Sure enough, they ARE talking about the Canada -- U.S.A. hockey game. It's an interview with Canadian player Jonathan Toews, who keeps mentioning how Team Canada feels they are ready for this Olympic Gold-Medal final TOMORROW!
Tomorrow! The "game" is tomorrow!
No wonder that guy looked at me like I had just fallen off the cabbage truck on the way to Dorkville!



May said...

So endearing!
Sometimes you are as cute as Jack.

Beth said...

Don't knock Dorkville - I am a long time resident of that city. Our main industry is providing laughter - for others.
Enjoy the game - TODAY!

Stefanie said...

Oh I laughed out loud at the bookmark hitting the guy in the chest. Good thing it's still early and there aren't many people in the library yet.

And way to go Canada. Of course I'm disappointed, our MN boy on the US team did his best by sending the game into overtime, but alas, the gold was not meant to be ours this time.

Melwyk said...

Dorkiness is actually charming as long as it doesn't involve dismemberment of any sort. Elastics are not generally considered deadly weapons so I think you're safe.

And at least you didn't realize on Sunday that the game was on Saturday (though that would have been a difficult mistake to make, considering!)