Wednesday, March 10, 2010

It's About Time!

Man, I've been waiting for this new innovation for years!
And finally I have found it at the supermarket.
<-- Bacon, sold in a re-sealable plastic tray container!
My God! It's about time!
For most of my adult life I've been wondering why bacon is packaged in those unmanageable contraptions that, once you've opened them, are virtually impossible to properly close again no matter how many miles of plastic wrap you devote to the mummification of the unused portion.
But it looks like the folks over at Maple Leaf have finally done it.

This, to me, is a landmark moment in pork product packaging! Now when you throw a few strips into the frying pan for your morning breakfast, hell, all you do is snap the tray lid back on and there's no more worrying about raw exposed pig slabs fermenting on a shelf in your fridge.
Bacon. A key part of one of my main food groupings [Grease] can now be safely stored in it's very own pre-fab transparent bacon-condo.
I just love it when technology gets it right!
Will wonders never cease?


Stefanie said...

Do your fast food places in Canada use Heinz Ketchup? They recently redesigned their packages so you can squeeze or dunk. Since the old package has been around since my stoneage youth this is a big deal so much so that we even talked about it in my design class at school this quarter. I doubt you have ketchup on your bacon but perhaps your burgers and fries will be happy?

Isabella said...

The bacon packaging is amazing, I love it, I can't believe no one ever thought of it before!

Alyce said...

That is so cool! I hope they get those packages in our supermarket soon (and that they don't charge a fortune for them).