Wednesday, April 07, 2010

A Big Fan of Yann

Yann Martel's new novel Beatrice & Virgil is now in the stores.
I already have my own review copy, graciously sent to me direct from Random House. [Thank you, Julie!]
I was surprised to see Mr. Martel featured on the evening news tonight, and I caught a snippet of the interview on my camera.
Here is an interesting factoid that preceded my expert film-making…. apparently Yann Martel received a $3,000,000 advance for Beatrice & Virgil.
As in --> 3 MILLION[s] !!
Now that's how you know your publisher loves you!
I briefly met the author in the Life of Pi heyday… and I must say, he is a wonderful person to meet.
Watch this brief segment, this brilliant video-footage, and you will learn that there is a relatively prestigious [extremely famous] person who is A Big Fan of Yann!


Stefanie said...

I'm supposed to be getting a review copy any day now and I can hardly wait! I've been putting off starting a new novel because I have been anticipating this one. Maybe it will finally be on my porch when I get home.

Beth said...

I was actually looking for a glimpse of you on that video!
Well, you are famous - in certain blogging circles... ;)

Merisi said...

So good to hear that YM is doing well! :-)

I met him just before he his fame reached the whole universe. Extremely fine guy, I wish him only the best!