Sunday, April 04, 2010

Genesis Revisited

In the beginning was much dirt and rock... a site.
And Developers moved upon the face of the site, and saw that it had potential.
For it was nigh unto the crossroads of two thoroughfares.
Yea, it was also along a bus route and several amenities.
And Developers said, “Let there be Merchandise here. Let Commerce erupt! A store, and let it be such a store as has not been seen hitherto, nor even heard of existing elsewhere, so grand shall it be;
Let the length of it be from Yonder Street even unto the Other Street, and the width of it nine blue whales end to end.
Let its height be a refuge for pigeons, and let there be an escalator within, to separate the lower portion from the upper portion."
[Nay, make that two, one in each direction, that each level be Accessible Without Much Effort or Forethought Thereto.]
And Developers nodded, ate donuts, and saith betwixt them “It seemeth good unto Us.”
And Excavators came forth. Much Carpenters thereafter.

And it was agreed upon that the Enormity of Square Footage “be layered with Shelves.”
Yea, and it was written and declared “Divide the Store into Departments of Fiction and Poetry and Home & Office and Art and General Computing and Religion and Philosophy.... Cooking, Psychology, Personal Finance, Reference and Science and So On and So On” and thus it was done even as they spoke the word.
And behold, it was good.
And such as was commanded was fulfilled.
And in the fullness of the command was it overdone, in that even that which was commanded was surpassed when it came down to the actual fulfillment of commands that had been commanded in their fullness.
And in much stocking of Shelves were many employees employed in the employment of it all.

And thereafter Banners and Slogans were emblazoned, and Discounts and Blowouts and Back to School Weeks declared.
Hence it was decreed “Let us go forth and install an Emporium of Addictive Substances near the portals, that those who enter herein find it increasingly Difficult To Leave.”
And Oh, I say unto thee....
It was so, even as Developers decreed and the Profits foretold.
Verily, verily, it was so!



Beth said...

If they build it, they will come...

Well done!

Stefanie said...