Thursday, April 15, 2010

Good News!

Dear Friends:
Thank you for your lovely thoughts and all of your prayers to the God of Cats.
I received really great news about my son when I got home from work tonight.
Apparently there isn't anything wrong with him except some rudimentary run-of-the-mill dental issues.
[I've got to get him to quit chewing tabaccy!]
Now -- in my previous report of last night I did not say anything about the cause of my anxiety about this gorgeous beast of a kitty cat!
Here is the scenario in a nutshell:
On Sunday morning I noticed that Jack was hobbling with one of his back legs off the floor. So I gave him a thorough -- leg examination. He was in no pain as I massaged his paws and stretched out his leg and kissed his nose and stuff [<-- I should be a veterinarian, huh?] So I just chalked it up to the fact that he had a few too many beers the night before, as did his father! Later in the afternoon though, I saw him do it again. The hopping bit. Again, he did not flinch when I resumed my examination of his paw. So I drank some vodka. Then, in the early evening, I noticed him sitting in an unusual position on his favorite rug. When I tried to pick him up he resisted, and when I finally got him to stand up he hobbled away and all four of his legs were simply not working right at all. He only walked a few yards away, staggering like a drunk, and then he lay down and blankly stared off into space, very unresponsive to my intense medically precise question of, "Hey buddy. What the hell is wrong with you?"
Hence, I called around until I found the nearest appointment I could make for him. I feared that he was exhibiting the initial stages of some sort of cat-disease, and requested a comprehensive analysis of his blood.
By the way, ever since his Wobbly Episode there... he has appeared normal as ever. But one can never be sure, right?
I had to get him all checked out. And this evening I returned home from work to the following phone message from Jack's doctor!
He's healthier than ten horses, apparently!

Jack will probably outlive me!


SFP said...

I'm glad to hear Jack got a good report!

Isabella said...


Stefanie said...

I am so glad Jack is okay!

Erin in Boston said...

I know how anxiety-making stuff like this can be. I'm very happy that Jacky is okay! :) Did they say what caused the wacky behavior? I can't believe that dental problems caused those kind of symptoms.

Anonymous said...

Well I guess you need to monitor his alcohol consumption for the next little bit because the leading cause of walking around drunkenly is of course being drunk.
So Jack, brush your teeth and stay away from your human's booze supply.
I'm so glad every thing is fine with Cippy, if only your own issues could be so simple as better dental care.