Friday, April 30, 2010

Happy Fifth To Me

Dear friends, pals and amigos.
Guess what?
Today [which is rapidly slipping away -- especially as I consume Old Milwaukee after Old Milwaukee as though Prohibition is to be re-instituted tomorrow morning…] TODAY IS AND/OR WAS MY FIFTH BLOGIVERSARY.
Isn't that craziness?
It just seems like yesterday since we started going steady!
[All male readers, please do not take that last sentence too seriously…..]
As for everyone else, my girlfriends hither and yon…. big hugs to you!
This is my 2,224th posting!
Five years of cyber-intercourse involving book-related themes and other semi-incoherent subjects.
Thank you all for tuning in here.
Lettuce keep doing it.
It seems a lifetime ago when I, virgin-like, posted this First Tentative Blog.
-- Cip



Jeane said...

Wow, five years? I don't think I know anyone else who's been blogging that long (or at least, they haven't pointed it out to me). Happy happy blogiversary!

SFP said...

Happy anniversary, Cip! I'm glad you're here.

Anonymous said...

Hey Cip,

Congrats on five long years! I feel like your Blogfather seeing as I planted the "seed" of the idea all those five years ago. Keep up the fine job, you have grown into a fine blogger!

Beth said...


Keep chugging the beer and churning out those great posts…

Dorothy W. said...

Happy 5th! That's wonderful -- thanks for blogging!

Stefanie said...

Happy 5th! Here's to many more years of good books, cups of coffee, and burgers!

Isabella said...

You've come a long way, baby!

Melwyk said...

Five years of glorious commentary... congrats on having so much to say, in your inimitable, so entertaining and so original manner.