Friday, May 07, 2010

Go Ahead! ASK ME!

Ask me if I am excited!
The first thing I did when I heard that Roger Waters was coming to my town was -- I booked a week of holidays from work, to coincide with the event.
One needs time for.... preparation. One needs time for.... recuperation!
I got the days off, no argument.
Then I went for a pedicure! Followed by a professional breast massage!
[This last point is not true at all. It....... wasn't my breasts.]
Then I booked myself in to one of those spas where they put cucumber slices on your closed eyelids!
Let's be serious now.
There is no music that has ever been invented that can rival that of Pink Floyd.
And I don't much care who you think is better.
You are wrong.
You are -- unenlightened!
On October 17th, in The Year of Our Lord Waters -- he shall be performing The Wall in its entirety -- in my city.
And I --
-- shall --
be --


May said...

Are you excited about Rogers Waters singing for you?

Cipriano said...

I am, yes!
This will be the third concert of his I go to. This one promises to be especially excellent -- an incredible stage show, where The Wall is actually built onstage -- much as he did in Berlin in 1990. Only -- better!