Thursday, May 13, 2010

Spider Eviction

Generally speaking, I don't like killing things.
I would be the world's absolute worst hunter.
All the gun-toting guys would be all quiet and sneaky and everything -- and then there would be me, thrashing around ahead of them, telling all the deers or bears or whatever to "RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!"
Ted Nugent and I will never be pals!
I don't mind killing bugs, though. I hate bugs.
But spiders?
I have some sort of phobia about killing spiders.
It seems to me downright unbiblical! I don't like doing it.
Often I will find a spider doing something on one of the walls in here, or on the ceiling or whatever -- and I don't squash it. I get a big glass, and trap it inside there. Then I open up my kitchen window [I'm on the 14th floor] and I toss the bewildered arachnid out into the great beyond.
I just did that a few minutes ago… the spider is probably already happily ensconced in some lower apartment, scouting out the corners that would be most conducive to web-building!
As I retract my arm from the window, I always make sure that he [or she?] isn't still hanging on somehow by their ass-threads. It's amazing how they can do that!
I always thoroughly wash the glass out, yes. Because [think about it] eight spider-feet were tramping around in there.
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Stefanie said...

We don't kill spiders at our house either sometimes the cats eat them though. I wonder if they tickle when they go down?

Jeane said...

My mom's dog used to eat spiders for us. My cats just play with them. I leave 'em alone- or maybe trap under a glass and toss outside. After all, they're eating all those other bugs that creep you out!

Beth said...

I have never, ever heard the expression “ass-threads.” You have such a way with words.
Unlike you, I do kill spiders. With no remorse. ;)

Alyce said...

I'm a confessed spider killer. Of course the last thing the spider hears right before its death is me shrieking at the top of my lungs. :) My cats are a godsend though - I'm so glad they like to eat spiders, and I haven't had to kill nearly as many since we adopted the kitties.

Melwyk said...

I hate, hate, hate spiders when they are outside of their natural habitat and in mine! But I equally hate to kill them. I can't do it. I just shriek until someone else comes to kill/trap them under glass and toss outside.

I even have a special shriek that is recognizable to my significant other as "there is a spider in here!"