Thursday, May 27, 2010

Splash du Jour: Thursday

Type the word "Margaret" into Google and a glorious thing happens.
Literature trumps politics.
Atwood before Thatcher.
And rightfully so.
What has Margaret Thatcher ever done?
But Margaret ATWOOD?
Yes. NOW we are talking about something relevant.
Alias Grace. [Arguably, one of my fave-novels of all time]. The Blind Assassin. Cat's Eye.
Falklands crisis, Falklands SHMISIS!
Has Margaret Thatcher ever written anything one-millionth as good as The Handmaid's Tale?
Google is right.
Atwood is the only "Margaret" that matters!

Have a great Thursday!


Stefanie said...

I am in 100% agreement with you on this one!

Anonymous said...

Asolutely right!

Thomas at My Porch said...

How funny and fantastic.

Melwyk said...

You are so, so right. The Atwood is the best Margaret of all.

Merisi said...

I noticed that too, looking for Margaret and one of her poems, that the moment I put the first name in, Atwood came up. Delightful!

I was looking for my favorite Atwood poem, "In the Secular Night" - it may even be my favorite poem ever.