Thursday, May 20, 2010

Too Much Macaroni?

Is it even possible to have too much macaroni?
I mean -- it's like saying "Too much hamburger!"
"Too much pizza!" "Too much beer!"
"Too many holidays!"
All of these things are equally incoherent.
I'm mentioning this because I just bought a real industrial-size case of Kraft Dinner macaroni and cheese!
There are 12 boxes of it in there!
Mmmmmm -- it was during my college years -- no, actually way before that, elementary school years that I proved that a diet of 80 to 90% Kraft Dinner can indeed sustain life!
I ate it pretty much every day, after running home from school to watch The Flintstones…. with my bowl of KD balanced on the arm of the couch.
And I still love the stuff. I'm sorry.
And don't blame my mother for not providing me with more healthy noon hour lunches.
She tried.
I threatened her.
I wanted the Kraft Dinner!



Thomas at My Porch said...

I love that it is called Kraft Dinner in Canada. One of my closest friends is a Kraft Dinner-eating Canadian living in Europe. Whenver he comes to visit we have to have Kraft Dinner at least once. Of course here it is just called Kraft Macaroni and Cheese. But the taste is the same.

It truly is a delicious box of pasta and chemicals isn't it?

Cipriano said...

Ahhhh yes!
That is just it, Thomas.
It's that wonderful chemical taste that I love!
That cheesy-cheese flavor that has never had much of anything to do with a..... cow!

Anonymous said...

Right up there with Margaret Atwood's Chickie Nobs in Oryx and Crake.

Beth said...

What is it with males and KD?* My guys still love the stuff and sometimes make it with butter only – no milk. Yuck.

(*I suspect it has something to do with the ease of preparation – it can’t be based on taste alone…)

Stefanie said...

I'm with Beth, what is it about guys and Kraft mac and cheese? Even after going vegan my spouse had to search out the vegan equivalent. It was years before he found one but he found one and he was in heaven especially when he gets tofu dogs and chops those up in it. Yuck!

Anonymous said...

I have a 16 year old son who'll make himself a box of the stuff as a snack. He could live on it if I let him.
But I don't...I'm evil that way. Health first. Bad me, bad, bad, bad me.

Cipriano said...

One of the things I like BEST with my Kraft Dinner -- is Chickie Nobs!

You are right -- well, you and Stefanie -- something about Kraft mac & cheese, and being a guy.
It just seems....... well, it seems RIGHT!

I don't know what it is, but men and KD... well, the only equivalent phenomenon in nature is the dog that shamelessly rolls on its belly, genitalia heavenward, wanting a belly rub!
We want our KD!

I can totally relate to your teenager unit.
I myself seem to have not grown out of the addiction to the [mock] cheesy noodle!