Thursday, May 06, 2010

Vehicular Omnipresence

I'm throwing this out there, casting the net far and wide.
After all manner of new car-searching and re-searching -- I am thinking of maybe deciding upon a new Mazda 3.
Now -- if what I see as I drive down any street in my city here is any indication -- fully over 50% of the people reading this blog right now are DRIVING a Mazda 3.
They're like……. Jesus!
Mazda 3's are the closest thing to Vehicular Omnipresence I have ever experienced.
There's got to be some good reasons for this.
Check this out, [the following experiment] next time you are at a red light:
Look to the left, right, and yonder.
How many Mazda 3's do you see?
SIX, right?
Zoom-Zoom, indeed.
I saw a BLIND guy driving one the other day, now that's impressive. I guess what sold him was the Braille-steering wheel option!
I test-drove a used one. I SORT of liked it. But I want a NEW one. They changed certain things in 2010, the car is moulded a bit differently, and it has a terrific rear end.
I love the new tail-lights.
My old car, much as I love it -- ten years on now, it's got to go.
Another Ottawa winter may have me putting my mechanic's kid through all fourteen years of university!
And that's just not a sensible………. option, for me.

0% financing -- why am I wasting time talking about it?


Beth said...

Don’t be fooled by 0% financing! They always get you in the end – or somewhere along the line...

Stefanie said...

In Minneapolis we are big on Honda and Toyota hybrids followed up by trucks and 4-wheel drive vehicles. I can't say I have ever noticed a Mazada 3. But then I take public transport to work everyday and have my nose in a book. Don't notice much. Have fun car shopping!