Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Blue Creamsicle

<-- I've been reading the memoir of Christopher Hitchens and drinking this drink!
And I don't even really like booze.
But I am going to share with you a secret recipe.
First -- Hitchens [it's quite a well-known fact] is quite the boozer!
In the book he discusses his special friendships with people like [poet] James Fenton, and writers Martin Amis and Ian McEwan. Of Fenton, Hitchens specifically says, "He also, broke as we all were, invariably had the price of a drink or a smoke about his person, and I am glad that I loved and love him so, because it was he who awakened my thus far buried and dangerous lust for alcohol and nicotine."

I've never heard someone PRAISED for how they led another to such dissipation.

But let be.
Hitchens, if nothing else, is a very interesting and unique character.
And now, dear friends, I am going to likewise lead you down a wonderful path of refreshing alcohol-related imbibation! One day you may say of me… [hiccupping all the while] "This one blogger-guy introduced me to this current lifestyle!"

A really terrific drink I have discovered -- I'm going to call it Blue Creamsicle© .
Remember those orange ice-cream filled things? The Creamsicle?

Well, this drink tastes just like that, only… better. Plus, you get loaded.
Here's how you do it:

Put a pile of ice cubes in a glass.
Pour in one shot of really good gin. Like --> this one.
Now add a half-shot of Vanilla Galliano.
Fill the glass to within an inch of the rim, with pink lemonade. [Don't ask questions, just do it]. Now -- a half shot of any kind of Blue Curacao liqueur -- swizzle this all up. This last step turns the whole thing blue and gives it the "orange" taste. Trust me. You will like it.
Even if you don't care for booze all that much. [Which I don't]. It's a really refreshing drink with the added bonus of getting you delightfully cranked!
It will creep up on you, like a staggering atheist in the night! Vive le Hitchens!



Lua said...

Since it’s 1000 degrees over here, a good book and a cold drink sounds like heaven! I think I’m going to give this a try :)

Anonymous said...

Right... you don't care for booze.... Right.
I'm giving this recipe a try in 13 dodos, which is when I go on my vacances d'un mois!
Vive les vacances!!!

SFP said...

That drink looks toxic. Plus, I hate Creamsicles.

I would throw up in your shoes after one of those and blame it on Jack.

Merisi said...

The good thing is, I don't have anything I'd need, not even ice cubes. How pathetic, isn't it?

Tomorrow morning, I shall brew a pot of Earl Grey. My addiction. ;-)