Thursday, June 24, 2010

Classic Sarahness

I have been waiting for this moment for a long time now.
I was ordering a coffee at Starbucks and happened to look to the right, where a little display case was featuring the new CD from Sarah McLachlan.
The understatement of the year would be "Cipriano is a fan of Sarah!"
I kind of worship her. [Not in a psycho way, though].
I've been to all The Lilith Fairs. I have never missed a concert. I have ALL her CD's. Some in duplicate.
I will not go into the details of "how"… but I have met her several times, spoken with her, have repeatedly had supper at the same table as her, have gotten drunk from a never-ending icy tankful of Samuel Adams beer while driving through the streets of late-night Toronto on her tour bus [I am not kidding]. Stayed in the hotel room [not hers, but a different one] on her tab.
I think she is the most incredible person and a fabulous artist…. and yet, having said all of this, I've lost track of what she has been preparing for us all.

This new CD, called Laws of Illusion -- well, it took me by surprise.
Needless to say, I immediately bought it.
It is [no surprise] EXCELLENT!
You've got to run out to your nearest…. Starbucks or HMV or Wal-Mart or wherever, and nab one!
Her last real release of new material was back in 2003, with the amazing Afterglow album.
This one is…. well -- it is classic Sarahness.

And everything about her is -- classy!



D.B. said...

Sarah....LOVE LOVE LOVE! I will get this today. Her version of A Song for a Winter's Night always makes me tear up! Also, thanks to you, I just bought The Cave. I had not heard of Saramago until your blog. I'm looking forward to it. Thanks for keeping me well entertained!

Anonymous said...

Sarah Harmer has a new one out, too. Such bounty!