Saturday, July 10, 2010

"Call Me Ishamel..."

Today I did something I have been wanting to do ever since I heard the possibility existed!
I was in the presence of a blue whale.
Well -- the skeleton of one.
Hey, that's as close as I could get.
So, I got!
I walked down to the Museum of Nature here in my lovely city. The newly renovated building houses a real for-real blue whale skeleton -- it's a recently acquired exhibit.
I was [needless to say], in awe.
These majestic creatures -- so beautiful. You know -- even in skeleton form -- a blue whale still rocks!
Watch my Richard Attenborough-like tail-to-head commentary, below….


1 comment:

Stefanie said...

That's really cool! You know blue whales are big but it is hard to understand just how big until you see for yourself.