Monday, July 12, 2010

Earthquake Damage: UPDATE

I don't joke around about earthquakes.
Remember when I told you of The Quake that rattled my fair city? Well --
This weekend, when I visited the Museum of Nature to see the great blue whale skeleton thing, I noticed the following sign [see video-clip] on one of the exhibits. This is proof of what I endured, my friends. The sign says it all.
Basically -- YOU HAD TO BE THERE!
The Quake of June..... [as it shall henceforth be referred to, in legend and lore]... it was magnificent enough to knock over these dang mountain goats. Think about that!
To the extent that even until now, they have to be held in place by some sort of ridiculous...... broom handles, and whatnot else!
It's a miracle I survived to blog about it all.
Just be thankful, one and all, that I am still here for you....!


Stefanie said...

I am grateful every day Cip that you are still here. I had to laugh though at the broom holding up the poor sheep!

D.B. said...

Grateful indeed.