Wednesday, July 14, 2010

An Impromptu Book Giveaway.

Two questions.
<-- 1) Do you like to read good fiction?
<-- 2) Do you know who these lads are?
Here's the way this is going to work.
I will let this contest play out until sometime in the [God hasten it] upcoming weekend.... you must make a good guess at who these lads ARE!
I will even give you a hint or two.
1) The answer is one word!
2) They like to use profanity in a loud, amplified manner.
The prize?
Your choice of a new novel by Jim Crace, All That Follows -- or the newest from Ian McEwan, entitled Solar.
If you are stumped..... like if you have not smoked a joint in the past few years [for instance] just guess a random WORD!
The person closest to the one word, shall win.
Secondly, if more than one person guesses the exactly RIGHT word, I will have a draw!
New deadline -- SUNDAY AFTERNOON -- JULY 18TH.
Good luck.
NOTE: Offer not valid if your mailing address is somewhere other than on the planet Earth.
LOW-FLYING GRATUITOUS HINT #3 -- Every letter in the magical word appears in highlighted mauve format in the preceding sentence.


allisonsbj3 said...

So I had a guess (it was loot). And then as soon as I hit enter I knew what the right answer was. TOOL

Thanks for letting me play!


Stefanie said...

Well I haven't smoked anything, ever so this was hard. From your hints I guessed the silly name toot but the magic of Google says Tool, so Tool it is!

Thanks for the fun giveaway!

D.B. said...


Isabella said...

As much a I smoke and curse in my own loud, amplified manner, I have no idea who they are. So I'll just guess a random word: lotto.