Monday, July 26, 2010

Splash du Jour: Monday

When you are five, you know your age down to the month. Even in your twenties, you know how old you are. I'm twenty-three you say, or maybe twenty-seven. But then in your thirties, something strange starts to happen. It is a mere hiccup at first, an instant of hesitation. How old are you? Oh, I'm--you start confidently, but then you stop. You were going to say thirty-three, but you are not. You're thirty-five. And then you're bothered, because you wonder if this is the beginning of the end. It is, of course, but it's decades before you admit it.
— Sara Gruen --

Have a great Monday!


Stefanie said...

Oh no! This happens to me frequently, I can't remember how old I am and sometimes I even have to calculate it!

Melwyk said...

How old am I? This quote hits home, as I frequently start to say "33" and then realize I haven't been able to say that in quite some time ;)