Sunday, August 01, 2010

Don't Tell Jack... [I Met Another Cat]

This [long] weekend I've done something that I have wanted to do for many many years.
No. I did
NOT phone Nicole Kidman.
I've gone on a pilgrimage to the city where I spent four years of my life, studying the Bible on a full-time basis.
Not the one in England -- the one in Ontario, Canada.
Nearly 20 years ago. That's the last time I have been here. [I'm still "here" writing this].
I was able to not only visit my old dilapidated college [it looks like something from a movie, trying to depict
end-of-the-worldness]….. but some contractors were working inside and had left a door open -- so I stepped inside and roamed the place like an apparition.
Like something crawling to life out of the Book of Ezekiel.
It was eerie.
Eerie to re-enter those abandoned classrooms, and my old dorm room.

After I graduated in 1991, the college was sold to someone or other, and basically shut down. Students were relocated to Toronto.
So -- the thing is in a serious state of disrepair. Literally caving in, in places.
Anyway -- all this to get to the main event -- a cat!
This afternoon I visited a used bookstore in town, a place called Knotanew Bookstore. Again, the theme of
oldness. The proprietress was so friendly, and I picked up Alan Hollinghurst's 2004 Booker winning The Line of Beauty for a pittance.
Anyhoo -- this bookstore cat!
It was so adorable.
The above picture is of one street in this quaint place called Peterborough.
And today I visited many landmarks, tourist spots, etc. It's all so beautiful.
But meeting this cat, this was among my favorite moments.
This brief clip says it all, [and remember... don't tell Jack!]


Sam Sattler said...

If that had been me, I suspect that peacefully content kitty would have clawed my hand bloody. Cats tend to despise me and I've often wondered what they see in me that pisses them off so quickly. :-)

Stefanie said...

What a cute kitty! My lips are sealed. I won't dream of giving away your secret to Jack.

Cipriano said...

Sam -- that is unfortunate, you are missing out on great fun with the entire species -- feline domesticus!
Perhaps in a former life you were a dog or something, and cats can sense this?

Stefanie -- I am soon on my way home to see my lonely cat. Actually, he is probably not lonely at all, he has an excellent, dedicated cat-sitter named Val.
It's really HER that I have to be careful around. I can't let it slip that I petted another cat! SHE will tell Jack!

Melwyk said...

Love the cat. And love the bookstore!

How weird that must have felt to wander around those abandoned halls. Amazing that you were able to get in.

Anonymous said...

If you go to Merrickville, not far from your home town, a lot of the artsy shops have a resident cat or dog. Such fun to wander into a shop and be accosted by a furball.