Saturday, August 14, 2010

Girls, BEHAVE!

It's so nice to return today to an author that I can trust.
<-- Plus, he's pretty hot. At least I think so!
Not that I'm… nor that it would be wrong if I was….. never mind!
I am in the beginning stages of Canadian author Steven Heighton's latest novel, Every Lost Country.
Having read almost all of his other work, as well as some of his poetry, I can confidently say to you that Steven Heighton is an author you NEED to invite into your parlour. You must let him in.
Heighton likes to explore, in
his fiction, the theme of human vs. environment.
Dire predicaments, with emphasis on cold temperatures!
In this latest one, we are in the mountains of Tibet. At least for now.
But he takes us many places -- for all I know, before this novel is done, we could all be falling off of some near-dead donkey in the sweltering heat of Mexico!
Wherever he goes -- he knows where he's going.
Poetry in prose. A depth, where every paragraph counts. No sentence should be excised. Nor another, added.
When you get your hands on him girls, remember to BEHAVE!


Anonymous said...

Well, I guess I have to agree with cipriano.
I have read three of his novels and liked all of them. I also like his essay work (Admen Move on Lhasa is the one I read) and his poetry.
Extremely versatile writer. Beautifully constructed and executed stuff. Language-rich! Thought provoking material on themes that matter.

Pala said...

This might not be a good suggestion (based on the kind of books you seem to recommend around here), but when people start speaking of poetic novels I have to mention Dennis Johnson. If you have the time and inclination, I'd recommend Jesus' Son, which is a great place to start because (A) it's beautiful, and (B) it's short.

It's a bit post-modern, but don't let that put you off. Visit Amazon if you're after a review or summary, but suffice to say that the title can be misleading. And if we're already gushing over mister Johnson, his poetry is similarly sublime to my taste.

Stefanie said...

I have never heard of Heighton before but you have made me interested. And he is rather easy on the eyes. When I invite him over I hope my husband doesn't get jealous!

Melwyk said...

Your judgement is correct, and he is even more appealing in person ;) I really enjoyed his poetry and the one novel of his I've read so far (Afterlands - another cold climate tale)

Cipriano said...

Friends, I am just nearing the end of the novel now -- and it is grand. I encourage you to explore the world... the Heights of Heighton.
[Melwyk, Afterlands is one of my favorite books ever!]