Saturday, August 28, 2010

Long Overdue

For the next ten days, starting right now…….. starting many hours ago, I have no intention of working. No intention of doing anything I do not want to do. Gonna' chill. Eat a lot of carbs!
Usually when I have a vacation time I get on an airplane and visit someone. Siblings. I am always the guest -- so rarely the host.
I'm the consummate vacation-parasite.
But this shall change in the early a.m., when I pick my brother up from the airport, and commence a time of vacation-hosting.
I'm excited.
My brother is the last of my four siblings to visit me [and Jack] here in our Downtown Penthouse Hotel.
If I am not around much for the next little while, my dearest blogfriends, it's only because my brother is proving to be not only an excellent host [as he has always been, for me] but also, now… a downright wonderful guest!



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Have a great vacation!