Sunday, September 19, 2010

Cities of the Cutpurse

I read a really interesting, enlightening [or endarkening, I suppose] article about pickpockets!
It listed the ten worst world-wide destinations for pickpocketing. Go figure -- all of them are in Europe.
The Cities of the Cutpurse… as Charles Dickens may have put it! And get this -- four of them are in Spain! Here is the list, in order of likeliness of losing your hard-earned dough on any given day:

1. Barcelona, Spain
2. Rome, Italy
3. Paris, France
4. Madrid, Spain
5. Athens, Greece
6. Prague, Czech Republic
7. Costa Brava, Spain
8. Lisbon, Portugal
9. Tenerife, Spain
10. London, England

You know, I'm no saint, for sure. I do things that are bad sometimes. But I can't imagine how a person can make it their business to constantly rob innocent people. Your full-time occupation is to ruin people's vacations, etc.
Nope. I will stick to my boring [but honest] day-job!
And if I ever travel to any of these otherwise beautiful cities, listed above -- well, I guess I'll just be extra-vigilant. And carry a big stick!



Stefanie said...

Well I suppose I will have to invest in underwear with hidden pockets to hold my cash and credit cards before I get my dream vacation to Paris. I wonder what the shopkeepers will think when I reach into my bra or my husband unzips his pants for the correct change in euros? :)

D.B. said...

Hey Stefanie, I pulled $$ out of my bra for a drink once and ended up with a complimentary one! I think it's a fabulous idea!

Erin in Boston said...

This would be why they created those money purses that strap to your body under your clothes. When i went to Paris I had a fanny pack that I hid under the hem of my fleece jacket.

And to be a pickpocket you have to come up with rationalizations; like those fat cats have more where this came from. I need it more than they do.