Thursday, October 14, 2010

I Live an Exciting Life

I practically LIVE at Chapters.
I am here every evening after work [I'm here right now] and for a large portion of weekends also.
[I know, I have a very exciting life!]
Chapters is a bookstore that just happens to have a Starbucks in it. Were it not for this feature I would not be sitting here for hours at a time every day. But I also like the books [of course].
Whoever invented this amalgamation of addictions knew that the appeal would be irresistible to me. Coffee and books.
I guess if there was a hamburger stand here I would NEVER leave.
So, last night I was here and I lost my coffee.
I had taken my laptop along with me for a stroll -- I do this all the time. However, when I got back to my table I realized I had set my coffee down somewhere -- and I was miffed because I had wanted a free refill! Damn!
I looked around for a while and then gave up the search.

Fast forward to this evening….
After work I arrived here [like clockwork]… ordered my usual grande bold coffee, mixed some honey and cream into it at the fixin's place, set it on a table in Starbucks -- wrapped my jacket around the chair and went for a stroll. I get very distracted when I start to look at books, and soon I ended up at one of my favorite sections, the Bargain books!
I resumed a perusal of one book I had noticed last night -- and reached over to my coffee that I had placed there -- LAST NIGHT!
That's right, as I brought this cup to my lips I noted how cold it was -- and only half full. I took the lid off.
Yep -- that is the exact trademark golden hue of my own mixture. That was the cup of coffee I had lost the previous evening.
I set it back down and returned to my table where my current cup of coffee was waiting for me, nice and hot.
This does not say much for the clean-up crew at Chapters! That old coffee cup [shown in above photo] was sitting there for 24 hours!
So -- I set it right back down where I found it. I want to see if it's still there tomorrow night.
[You live an exciting life, Cipriano!]



patricia said...

Oh how you make me smile. I've been neglecting your wonderful blog for far too long, my dear. Do you feel neglected, not unlike that poor neglected cup of coffee? Me, I dunno, I love coffee SO MUCH I just might have drunk the cold one before dipping into the hot one! Starbucks coffee ain't cheap, ya know...

rhapsodyinbooks said...

eueueueu. How do you know it wasn't a test and somebody spit in it or something?

Cipriano said...

Hi, Pattycakes -- so nice to hear from you, Busy Girl.

No, no, no! Maybe I should go back to my blog and clarify -- I never DRANK the old coffee, as soon as I picked up the cup I realized it was cold. "It" being the cup. Oh yeah, if I had drank from it I would surely have vommed all over the Bargain section!

Trish said...

I'm with you on the Chapters/Starbucks combination! I swear that place has a tractor beam that can pull me in and hold me for hours -nay- daysat a time.

lol @ 'vommed' heh, new wordage!

Stefanie said...

This is too funny! I am very curious to find out if it is still there when you go back tonight.

Alyce said...

I'm glad you stopped yourself before you drank any!

Cipriano said...

I know, isn't it crazy? Like seriously, I am at Chapters/Starbucks for maybe 15 hours a week, average! It is craziness.

I was there tonight and the cup was not there. It was the first thing I looked for. [I know -- I should take up knitting!]

For sure, that would have been so gross. Reminiscent of drinking cigarette butts in beer bottles, like when I was a yoot!

Wanderer said...

As much as I'm always "with you." I'm afraid I'm not with you on this one Cipriano. I think I would have given the cleaning person a break. After all, if your mother was anything like mine, she taught you to "Clean up after yourself" or "Put things back where you found them." If the cup sits there for days until the paper-concoction it's made of gives out, who is really responsible for the mess?

Dorothy W. said...

It may not be an exciting life you live, but ... my isn't much more exciting, I must say. Our excitement comes from the lives we read about in books, right?

Cipriano said...

I assure you... [to my knowledge] no dolphins were harmed in the carrying out of this experiment.
[The next day the cup, and offensive fluids, were gone].

You are totally right.... we are living a wonderful. vicariously-experienced life in the wonderland of books. Occasionally, reality breaks through, for good or ilk.