Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Timeless Tales

Just today I saw a poster [<-- not the one to the left] for a production of Romeo and Juliet, playing at a theatre near me.
And instantly I felt like it was something I would like to go and see.
But I know the story. I know the story so well. And so do you.
But you probably wouldn't mind going either! If I sent you free tickets, for instance?
Of course you would.
Even though you know what is going to happen.
Even though you can recite many of the lines.
Even though you have read the play, gone to the movie, rented a DVD or two, and seen it performed live.
Yet you want to go. And so do I.
Because it's a timeless tale.
There will be crowds filing into theatres to see Romeo and Juliet, decades after I am no longer able to do so.



D.B. said...

So do I.

Shark said...

Are you offering me a ticket? Actually, there was a pay what you can night,just for bums like us; unfortunately it was on Tuesday...

Anonymous said...

So I'm assuming you're serious and I told your homie that I have a date with you to go see Romeo and Juliet.
He told me to have a great time. I guess there are some who aren't interested after all.
So... when do I get my ticket?

Stefanie said...

Great play. Would love a free ticket ;-)

Cipriano said...

I haven't had this many potential dates in a long time.
[Shark, you don't count -- these others are women.