Monday, November 22, 2010

A Severe Case of MBBD

<-- This photo is proof that I am suffering from MBBD.
Multiple Book Buying Disorder©.
On Saturday evening I met a co-worker at a bookstore downtown, The Book Mark on Rideau Street.
From this rendezvous point we then proceeded to a nearby Guinness Emporium to sink back a pint or two. Or three.
He snagged a real nice hardcover Tropic of Cancer and I picked up this Don DeLillo book, White Noise.
Hmmmmm……. which DeLillo did I get, right?
Aren't there two of them there in the photo?
Well, that's just it.
See -- I paid the bill at the bar that evening, and when I wasn't looking, my friend put his share of the tab into White Noise. I came home and put the book on my shelf [alongside the hundred other books I have not read yet] and today at work he asked me, "Did you find that money?"
When I got home tonight I checked that new DeLillo and sure enough, it was full of moolah. But as I placed it back on the shelf I just happened to notice, right there at eye level……. another copy of the same book. I bought it about two months ago.
Should I seek therapy?
I am buying so many books I'm forgetting that I already own what I am buying!
Is there any known cure for such an affliction? Any remedy for such literary gluttony?



Anonymous said...

I think you should give me the book, that would fix things nicely as you would then only have the one copy again.
I'm here to help Cippy!

Stefanie said...

If you find the cure let me know. I just returned a couple books I bought a couple weeks ago that I already own. We can't be expected to keep track of these things!

Cipriano said...

Please see my posting from tonight.

Ahhh, so I am not alone in this! Isn't it just crazy though? There seems to be absolutely no end... just [not to be a downer here] but seriously NOT NEARLY ENOUGH LIFETIME to get to all that should be gotten to!

Anonymous said...

MBBD, that made me laugh! I think you should patent that, and start working on a cure - then again, maybe not. Do we really want to cured?