Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Message For "C"

This posting is in response to the comment of "C" in my blog of last night.
Regarding my duplicate copies of
White Noise -- ahh, it's too bad -- it would have been a nice friendly thing to do, to give you my extra.
But immediately after work today I went back to the Book Mark store [same guy sitting there behind the till, same chair, cobwebs from his head to the leaning tower of books behind him…] and I explained the situation. He allowed me to browse and select a substitute.
So, since I am really enjoying this crazy Martin Amis guy I am currently reading I found another by him, called
London Fields.
que sera sera -- next time I buy a duplicate book I will keep you in mind.
The way things are going here -- you won't have long to wait.



Erin in Boston said...

Glad your coworker said something about the cash before you returned the book! :)

Anonymous said...

Happy ending for you, sad one for me.