Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Your Inner Beastie

Today at work, in a tedious, silent moment, Matthew asked a general question, addressing the entire congregation….
"If you could be an animal, what animal would you be?"
I must be 100% honest and confess to you that I forget what most of the people said, [I was too busy morphing into my own beast] I only remember that Matthew himself became a lion.
And so -- it finally came around to me, and I had the answer.
An eagle.
For one thing, I truly admire flight.
Aside from this, I have never seen even one nature show in which an eagle is being carted away in the jaws of some other slavering beast. No.
Usually, they are the ones majestically swooping earthward and snatching up some unsuspecting equivalent of a moving hamburger!
And see -- I LIKE that!
Plus, the whole flying thing in general, the way an eagle can ride the airwaves…. float around forever, over the Grand Canyon say, and not even flap its wings for half an hour -- see, all of that appeals to me.
I want to be an eagle in my next life.
Reminds me of a poem I wrote once…. anyway -- what would your answer be?
What's your inner beastie?



D.B. said...

Well, according to the Chinese Zodiac, I'm a Tiger. Astrology says I'm a Scorpion. Right now, I'm really relating to sea cows. However, as I lay here under a faux fur blanket, a semi-hibernating bear would suit me just fine, as long as I had access to a book mobile and a reading lamp in the cave.

Stefanie said...

I was born in the year of the monkey and as an Aries (ram), but wouldn't mind being something like a gray wolf or perhaps a black bear.

Anonymous said...

Your homie said a horse...actually he really said he'd once again be an "Acadian Stallion". Jeech.

I'd like to come back as some extremely tolerant cat owner's favorite pet. You sleep all the time, puke in shoes and such. What a life! I'd even be open to getting "fixed". Not having kids in my next life would be relaxing.


Cipriano said...

Wow -- I am so glad to see that so many awesome animals read my blog!

A tiger is a good one...... hmmm.... sea cow, not so sure. Or a bear, yes. A half year of sleeping? Sounds good to me!

So funny -- I asked Shane the same question today at work [he was not there yesterday] and he said a wolf! His second choice was a turtle, which surprised me, but he was going for longevity... apparently they live a lot of years!
Anyhoo -- yes, a wolf is a great choice.
Howwwwwwwwwwlllll at the moon!

Tell your homie he is already a Stallion!
[William! Come here, lad! William! Come here, lad!]
And your choice of cat --- oh yes, definitely a good one, but as you say, it's important to have the right owner.