Tuesday, December 07, 2010


I'm sitting here tonight thinking...
<-- I recently paid $25,000 for a new car and it never even came with this new Burger-Holder© option?
I'm furious! Can you imagine the time that such an invention could save me, not to mention the convenience factor?
I could drive and eat! Skip supper altogether.
More time for reading!

That's it. I'm taking my Mazda back and asking for a refund.


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Stefanie said...

It is just as well that your car didn't come with a burger holder. It might encourage you to eat more burgers which would put more strain on your arteries which might cause you to have a heart attack while driving and crash that lovely new car into a tree and then there goes the car, you and all those books you had hoped to read someday. No, you need to stick around for at least another 47 years :)