Saturday, December 11, 2010

Visions of Sugar Plums

The average person lives 74.1 years and sleeps 1/3 of that time.
If you break it down, 74.1 years = 649,400 hours. Multiplied by 1/3rd [or .33] that equals 214,302. So, the average person sleeps about 214,302 hours in their lifetime. Wow!
The above snapshot captures one second of my own allotted sleep time.
I don't know who took the picture [I was sleeping] and I'm not even sure how young I was [it's obvious it was prior to my development of breasts] -- but the thing that intrigues me is this….
I was THINKING something.
I would love to know what I was thinking. What I was dreaming.

Last night I dreamed that I was buying a car and I was arguing with the salesman over the issue of power steering. Apparently, the reverse-anachronistic car I was buying did not have this option.
Honestly, this is what I was dreaming. How crazy is that?

I bet the dream I was having when this picture was taken was way better.
More interesting. Far deeper. Involving less day-to-day issues.
It seems to me that I was dreaming of things that grown-ups know not of.



Alyce said...

I usually have boring dreams but last night's was so fun. I was in a city and jumping and flying from one building to the next (and the buildings were bouncy/rubbery so it was jumping from one trampoline to the next but with skyscrapers). When I finally landed I looked across the street and saw a mirror image of me when I was a kid watching a parade. And realized if I crossed the street I could go back in time. Then my son woke me up, so I didn't get to cross the street or see what happened next.

But the actual reason I was stopping by was to ask if you had seen that the English translation of Cain by Jose Saramago will be published (in the UK I think) in July 2011. I just saw that online and thought of you since I know what a big fan you are.

Stefanie said...

I was so exhausted last night from finishing school and shoveling snow after our little blizzard that I don't think I had any dreams. I've had some good ones before though. One included a flying blue whale that communicated with me telepahtically.