Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Charles and James

After work I went to The Rideau Centre [a Mall] and grabbed a Second Cup coffee.
Sat down and read a bit in this excellent book, the 2004 Booker Prize Winner, The Line of Beauty by Alan Hollinghurst.
After about an hour of reading, a man walked toward me and asked, "Are you Charles?"
"No," I replied and turned back to my book as the guy walked a bit further and then leaned on the counter facing the escalators of the Mall. From time to time I looked over at him, but soon he was gone.
A little while later, as I myself was gathering my stuff together to leave, another guy, much younger, walked up to my table and asked, "Are you James?"
"No," I replied -- and just as he said, "Sorry" and began to walk away I called out to him, asking, "Are you Charles?"
"Yes," he replied.
I said, "James was here just a few minutes ago, looking for you!"
The guy thanked me and as I walked away I saw that he borrowed a girl's cellphone and was calling someone, presumably James, while looking at a business card.
So there you have it. Even as I am out and about living my life in complete urban anonymity, I'm somehow managing to bring complete strangers together!



Melwyk said...

That is brilliant! Good thing you put the two enquiries together :)

Anonymous said...

What a terrific story! Hey, maybe you'll end up being some sort of matchmaker.... or pimp.

Shark said...

I was in and out of the mall all day Wednesday. I probably walked right past you and James and Charles.