Thursday, January 06, 2011

For A Million Bucks Would You...

Today at work we were playing this game called For A Million Bucks Would You….
The way it works is, someone would start with those words and then suggest a certain thing [sometimes it was real crazy] and we'd all have to say if we would or we wouldn't.
At one point Kelsey left the room just as Matthew asked this one:

"For a million bucks would you never read another book?"
As I hesitated with my answer he clarified that in the scenario you would still be allowed to read magazines and newspapers, but you could not read a BOOK!
I am thoroughly ashamed to say I was still hesitating with my answer as Kelsey walked back into the room.
Matthew restated the question and she instantly answered, "No!"
That's when it hit me -- What the hell am I hesitating for?
Of course my answer would be "No" as well!
And so I echoed Kelsey -- "No, I'd have to say no, too!"
But, the thing is, she led the way for me.
It was such a lesson in… betrayal. How could I have even envisioned for a moment that I would trade such a passion for any amount of money, much less a measly million clams!
How about you? What would your answer be?
An instant no? A hesitation… followed by a carefully considered no?
A carefully considered yes?
Or -- [God forbid]… an instant yes?



Anonymous said...

I'd take the million and get a reader. It's not a book.
p.s. if the reader thing is not allowed I'd say no and cry about all the books I could have bought with a million bucks...

Cipriano said...

Ahhh! I hear you, C.
Think of all the books -- think of all the HAMBURGERS!
And hey, good trap-door idea there.... the E-Readers, terrific loophole!

Lisa@ButteryBooks said...

I think I would hesitate. I love magazines about as much as I love books, but would they be enough? Probably not.

Melwyk said...

No. Absolutely not. What good would a million dollars be if you had leisure and could do nothing with it??? Yikes! ;)

Stefanie said...

A big NO without hesitation. I get twitchy if I go a week without reading a book to go the rest of my life? No way! And magazines and newspapers just don't cut it.