Monday, February 21, 2011

Classical Trumpet, Anyone?

I did not know how much I love the trumpet, until today.
Yesterday my brother-in-law Darryl sent me a link and said something about how I needed to hear… well, his exact words were "this may give you a love for trumpet players all over again… OK, for the first time…!"
Trumpet players? I admit I was curious, but somehow I never watched the clip until today. And -- he was right.
I now have acquired a new fascination with…. trumpet players.
In all seriousness though, this is some very beautiful -- music.
The trumpeter is
Alison Balsom.

To hear an amazing piece, performed on Late Night with David Letterman a few months ago, click --> HERE. To learn more about Alison Balsom, click on her very trumpetty shoulder at the top of this blog.

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