Friday, February 04, 2011

February Fireworks

Wow, this just happened like minutes ago... I was just sitting here reading, and innocently drinking a Carlsberg when all of a sudden BING BANG BOOM! I launched out of my chair to see this conflagration taking place right outside my kitchen window. I'm not even sure yet just what it is my city is celebrating -- maybe the release of the new IKEA© catalog?
Jack is traumatized!
He's under the bed somewhere, probably for the next two days or so!


Anonymous said...

Hey, that was quite an impressive display of noise!
I wonder...did you ever discover the real reason for the celebration?
Poor Jack. If you ask me, he needs to live in a nice quiet rural retreat. Somewhere peaceful and remote where he could be spoiled rotten as he deserves to be. Perhaps with another lovely cat or two to keep him company.

His owner could periodically visit him.

Kelsey said...

That's awesome! Sad I missed that. What did you film it with?

Shark said...

It's the Chinese new year.