Wednesday, February 09, 2011

The Pretender

Sometimes certain songs really arrest my attention and I can't help but play them over and over again, usually in my car. But also sitting here at my desk.
Something about the artistry especially moves me until finally I feel I must say something about it.
It helps me get over it, and move on!
If you generally do not like Foo Fighters -- what I have to say about the current song on my Obsession List© will not mean much to you. The Pretender.
I think this song has so many levels of musical genius to it.
How can it not? It's all about Dave Grohl -- the guy is INSANE!
Whether or not this particular type of song is your style -- just entertain me for a moment and let me ask you to notice how the initial melody, the slow thing at the start -- full of subsequently revealed cello-like sounds -- that entire progression is a constant throughout the whole song, no matter the current time signature.
This is most evident between 3:50 --> 4:11 of the song, when Grohl reverts [underdubs] back to that initial prelude while the foreground of the song continues on 98-speed!
In my opinion, this entire thing is sheer genius!


Kelso said...

This song is very awesome. Good call on that one. That guy is definitely very musically talented and I've always loved the Foo Fighters...they fight foo!

Anonymous said...

What IS foo?
Awesome song.

Isabella said...

Hah! I came back to this post because I thought you were discussing new Foo Fighters, but it turns out I know this song already. And my daughter, who hears this regularly on our favourite radio station in the car, has been singing this song in the bathtub for years!