Tuesday, March 22, 2011

An Intermittent Case of Writer's Block

There were times when friends of mine would say, "Come on, man! Give me a break. That thing you blogged about did NOT happen to you today!"
And I'd say, "No, it did -- I'm not kidding."
And I wasn't. Kidding. Seems like I always had something to write about.
You know what? I know that it is not the "things" that have changed -- but I myself feel less in the mode of writing.
Life is still good and exciting and charged with things to write about. I've been having a lot of fun -- I've been enjoying my work life in a whole new way -- I have gained some terrific friends. I've been drunk a lot.
And yet -- it boggles my mind. My desire to blog of my adventures has waned a bit.
Why have I not written of the fact that I spent last Saturday night with some terrific friends watching a classic movie [2001: A Space Odyssey] and not understanding the thing at all?
Back in the day, this would have elicited a blog of astronomical proportions!
I would have even had something to say of the pizza we ate! And the awesomeness of meeting a beautiful black cat, named Batman!
By the way, I am convinced that there are probably only two living people on earth that could really understand the meaning of that movie -- and they are:
1) Stephen Hawking.
2) Not me.

At any rate, my dear faithful friends. Hang in there, I encourage you.
Barring early onset Alzheimer's, I think I'll be OK soon.
I'll be back.



Stefanie said...

Lulls happen and it's OK.

Cipriano said...

Thank you, Stefanie.

BBB said...

Yeah Clarke and Kubrick had writers block 2/3 the way through 2001.

yellowboots said...

You're still awesome.

Cipriano said...

Thank you, Yellowboots.
And BBB, next time I am going to try a more accessible movie, yet, a classic.
Perhaps..... Superbad?
Something like that? Or Beerfest?