Sunday, May 01, 2011

Beard Update

Today I was walking around downtown and passed by a barber pole.
Those all-American red, white and blue revolving deals.
I didn't even know they still had those things anywhere.
I badly needed a haircut, but an even more pressing issue was my facial foliage.
It's been about three weeks or so of untended [and unintended] growth, and, in all seriousness, it was getting a bit unruly.
When I sent a photo to my best friend, he replied "You look like a homeless person."
I've heard similar comments from others -- one co-worker said I looked like a grizzly bear. Admittedly, other people have had more favorable things to say about this experiment. And as for my own opinion of the matter, I was sort of liking this new habit of petting my own face. It was like having a constant puppy around.
But there I was today, walking past this barber pole.
I stopped and went inside.
A young girl approached the counter. I pointed to the Neanderthal situation on my face and asked, "Can you do something with this?"
Soon I was immobilized in a chair and she was fixing me up. She knew what to do, which is a good thing, because I didn't. [Ahhh…. sweet memories of losing my virginity just a few months ago!]
I was amazed at the amount of actual hair that was all over the place when she was done. [Again... memories, memories!] It looked like the mess after an actual haircut!
And as I walked down the street afterward listening to Collective Soul, I took the picture above. Click on it for others.
I regret that I did not take a BEFORE shot! It was grizzly indeed!



Stefanie said...

Dare I say you almost look distinguished? :)

patricia said...

You still look uber cool and hip. And dare I say, still a tad grizzly? Grizzly is good, trust me.

Not too long ago, my bearded hubby Guy let his hair and beard grow much longer than usual, mainly because I love him all rough and rugged, and he very kindly wanted to please me. One day, while at the library where he works, he was at the front desk, digging around in some of the drawers for some pencils (they are always disappearing). A customer came up to him and exclaimed, "You look like a grizzly bear, foraging for food."

I believe it was the next day that my rugged bear got a shave and a hair cut, much to my dismay.