Monday, May 02, 2011

Collecting My Soul

The past few weeks of my life have been tumultuous in many ways -- ways that I can't really go into here, on my blog. And a lot of times I feel down -- real down.
But recently I made one of the best purchases I have made in a long while -- I got a new iPod Touch. The thing is dynamite.
Welcome to the 21st Century Cipriano!
And my current work environment allows me to listen to as much music as humanly possible in the 8 or 9 hours day that I am there.
The only downside is that I think I am going deaf.
But I must say one thing about a band that has especially been lifting me out of the doldrums on a daily basis. I cannot get enough of them.
Collective Soul.
I have all of their albums on my iPod and I just keep listening to them exclusively -- they are for sure my favourite music right now. Listen to them and then just try and be depressed. It's almost impossible.

Collective Soul "Welcome All Again" from Ross Ching on Vimeo.


D.B. said...

My favorite band! "Life's rivers willl rise.....she said..."
That's my song. Sorry to here things have been rough.
Ah, life! The good news- this too shall pass. Hang in there!

Cipriano said...

Ahh, a fellow fan! Aren't they just terrific?
I can listen to 20 songs in a row and love them all... usually with even really good artists, I will like only half of their stuff.... but Collective Soul? They rarely miss.
And the GUITARS! Wow!
I love the lyrics in Better Now:

Oh I'm newly calibrated
All shiny and clean
I'm your recent adaptation
Time to redefine me

Let the word out I've got to get out
Oh I'm feeling better now
Break the news out I've got to get out
Oh I'm feeling better now

Oh I'm happy as Christmas
All wrapped to be seen
I'm your recent acquisition
Time to celebrate me