Thursday, September 15, 2011

Answer - by Sarah

When it comes to books and music those who know me well know that my tastes and preferences are hard to pin down to any one sort of genre. In other words, I read and listen to a diverse and wide range of authors and musicians. I love a lot of divergent topics and sounds. And styles.
Tonight, as I sit here at Starbucks -- a short word about music.
Do you ever wonder what might be your favourite song ever?
if someone asked you, would you be ready with an… answer?
As I said, I have such an expansive appreciation of music -- I love so many different styles, from AC/DC, Tool & Mettallica --> Rascal Flatts & Vince Gill --> Dvorak & Brahms --> Eva Cassidy --> B.B. King & Eric Clapton --> JOHN MAYER & COLLECTIVE SOUL [upper-case intentional] --> David Gilmour / Roger Waters… according to what mood I'm in I probably can be found at any given time listening to one or another of these kinds of artists. In fact, there is only one genre of music I particularly dislike altogether, but I'd rather not name it here because I don't want to alienate a couple of my friends, who happen to dig it.
At any rate, one artist whom I especially love is Sarah McLachlan.
I have even met her, on several occasions, all of which have confirmed her to be not only a great composer / singer / musician, but also a lovely person.
The point of this blog tonight is to say that if someone were to ask me what my absolute favourite song is -- truthfully I would probably have to go with Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd, but after that, it would be this one, called Answer.
I love everything about it, even its silences. I love the lyrics, the cellos [or whatever they are] the way she plays the piano -- and to those type of ultimate questions we ask of ourselves or are asked by others, this song seems to me to beautifully represent the essence of the ultimate... answer.


Isabella K said...

That is the complete opposite of my favourite song ever, which is totally chaotic and asks a lot of questions (Once in a Lifetime, Talking Heads).

Anonymous said...

resonance bonded
I am sure