Saturday, October 15, 2011

Becoming Shelf-Actualized

I've spent a sizable chunk of my first day of holidays IN my books.
As in, moving them.
See, on Monday morning I have an appointment to get Cable-TV installed here.
[Wow Cipriano! Welcome to the world!]
Recently, Canada scrambled their free TV channels. The very channels I have relied on for news etc., my entire life. Hence, my [new] TV screen immediately became just a big snow storm and/or ant fight -- I'm not sure which it is. All I know is that I can only watch it for maybe an hour or two, it's totally boring stuff!
So I finally bit the bullet and called up the Cable people.
Monday's the day!
However -- I've always known that the cable connection thing is behind my bookcases. So today I started with the far one, hoping that the connection was in back of it.
No such luck.
Moved everything out of the second bookcase. What the hell? It's not there either.
Three's a charm?

Now, my friend and I [tomorrow] are going to saw holes through my beloved book racks so that cords can fit through, threading their way to the new Samsung, yonder. I will also have new "cable" internet as opposed to my DSL I've had for fifteen years now, plus a better phone plan.
So -- big changes in store at the Bookpuddle Headquarters.
No more ants fighting in the snow. I will actually have TV channels to choose from! How amazing! Incidentally, I probably won't even watch much of the shows available to me. I'm not much of a TV viewer. I prefer reading.
But today I had some hands on experience with how much of a pain in the *** the moving of books can be!



Merisi said...

Books are real back breakers!
I hope you survive all this with your back intact! :-)

Stefanie said...

I feel your back pain! When we had new wood floors installed last month we had to move all our books out of the room and the bookshelves too. Then we had the pleasure of moving them all back again. Hope the cable TV and cable internet are worth the effort!

Melwyk said...

Wow, that's a lot of work to get rid of some ants in a snowstorm. I just lost my rabbity-eared tv reception as well. So now I have no TV, and I am LOVING it. (though I do still watch a bit via my internet so I haven't gone cold turkey.)

Cipriano said...

Merisi -- I did survive. Everything looks so good, so perfect now. But it was a lot of work.

Stefanie -- Oh, that does sound like a lot of work you did there. As for me, I am totally enjoying the access to a smorgasbord of TV now, but honestly, I have yet to really get much into it. Plus, the plethora of new remote controls, it is mind boggling -- put together they look like something that could easily have guided the Space Shuttle to outer space and back. Yet, in my hands, I have a problem turning certain components ON or OFF.

Melwyk -- see, I was where you are, with no TV, having been a rabbit-ears sort of guy forever. But it just got to really annoy me that I could not even see the news and stuff. I had to get this done, and I'm glad I did. The picture is so clear and stuff. Wow!