Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Forgive My Blah[g]

Dear faithful Puddlers out there:
Please forgive me for recently being fairly blah when it comes to blogging.
Recently, he says?
[Will you please hush while I am sincerely apologizing?]
I am not down and out, per se, but just down for a bit. I think I will come back to a place of more regular blogging, but I do realize that lately I have not even been doing book reviews and stuff like that.
Bookpuddle has become more of just a…. puddle -- with no book in it.
And yet I've been reading some real great stuff.
For my current absence from more meaningful bloggitry, I officially offer the following awesome excuses:
-- too much hamburger in the bloodstream.
-- too much tiredness after my workday.
-- lack of oxygen to the brain.
-- not enough hours in the day [or night].
-- my financial portfolio has taken a real beating due to the recession.
-- way too much hambu…. oh wait, I already said that one.
-- receding hairline. My forehead fast becoming a fivehead [see above photo].

I am not even sure how that last point really affects things, but I have a suspicion that it does. Please stay with me.
Do not adjust your set.
Do not delete me from your blogrolls. I know you've been considering this rash move!
Bookpuddle will return with astute reviews of books, the sheer caliber of which, will make Harold Bloom look like a complete doofus.
Trust me -- this is all I can say.
In the interim though, I…. I have a few more flowers to eat here.
-- Cip



D.B. said...

I for one, enjoy the puddles more than the books.

Beth said...

You shall remain on my blog roll. And if you think your blog is “blah” (which it is not) mine is “blah-er.” Nary a mention of a book for simply ages.
And no matter what you write about, it is always entertaining.
(forehead/fivehead – ha!)

Stefanie said...

I could never delete you from my blogroll. Puddles with or without books is fine with me. In the meantime, cut back on that hamburger, it will help fix the other problems. Well, except for the hair loss.

Anonymous said...

You're on my blogroll permanently, be it bookpuddling or puddling only.
I am not adjusting my set, ever.

Cipriano said...

Thank you Dana, Beth, Stefanie and "C", for your kind words.
It's nice to have such supportive blah[g]friends.

patricia said...

I encourage anything that will make Harold Bloom look like a dufus. (Though I suspect that he is quite capable of achieving that on his own).

Never apologize for not blogging enough, Cippy. Your wonderful life always comes first. And as has already been said in one way or another, whatever you write is pure delight, be it book, or puddle or piddle.

Tombo said...

I read your blog (almost) every day: you're bookmarked right in there with my beloved comics. I also love to push your stuff over to my Facebook page and tell everyone to read it for themselves at Bookpuddle. Sigmund is heading to FB now; look for a sharp up-tick in viewers.

Anonymous said...

My word D.B. you are quite the hottie

Cipriano said...

So nice to hear from you. Thank you for your nice words. How is Toronto nowadays? If the beginning of the NHL season is any indicator, just think, you guys finally have a better team than the Ottawa Senators, who are royally stinking to high heaven. Cheers!

Hey, that is awesome! Thank you for reading and propagating my blog via Facebook!
Say Hi to Michigan for me!

I agree with you.