Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Splash du Jour: Wednesday

The most amazing thing about this clip is not so much the second drop shot by Dolgopolov, but moreso the fact that I totally fully agree with what the announcer says at the end there!

Have a great Wednesday!


Christopher said...

I'm a big tennis fan, and Dolgopolov is a freakin' scary-good tennis player. He absolutely gave Djokovic fits in that first set in their meeting at this year's U.S. Open. If Dolgopolov develops some discipline and just a couple more shots in his repertoire I think he can sit in the top-five comfortably for some time to come. Cool video, and thanks for sharing! Cheers! Chris

BBB said...

I'm still waiting for Money-A Suicide note to be made into a movie so I can watch John Self play - a true maestro.

Cipriano said...

I love tennis too, but I must say I am recently out-of-the-loop with really following it. Maybe now, with my new incredible TV set-up I can get back into following the sport. The next step, actually PLAYING tennis, maybe?

No kidding. That would be absolutely hilarious. I'm sitting here at Starbucks right now, keeping a careful eye on my Grande Bold so that no one accidentally spills it down the drain on me when my back is turned! Ha ha!