Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Updike and Bacon

Recently I have made two very important discoveries.
John Updike, and tri-packaged bacon.
All evening I've been wrestling with the problem of which discovery to blog about first. Since I've only really just started this excellent Updike novel...
I'm going with the pork.
The other day in the supermarket I was astounded to find that someone [in this case, an outfit called Olymel Foods] has finally addressed themselves to the age-old problem of what to do with the unused portion of an opened package of bacon.
Open only one vacuum-sealed meal-size packet at a time!
Why hasn't anyone else thought of this until now? I've been waiting years for this.

<-- See the second picture there?
It's the perfect thing for a non-Jewish non-Muslim pig-eating bachelor like myself.
You just tear off one of the three sections and fry up your four slabs of fine hog.
The rest stays fresh. Perfection.
And speaking of perfection -- 60 pages in this may be a bit of a premature summation on my part -- but I can't believe I have lived this long, always reading books, and only now have discovered this wonderful writer, John Updike.

Truly superb. Engaging. I am just so enthralled by this depiction of a minister in the midst of losing his faith. Updike's read my diary.
So that's a bit of what's going on around here --
Good books.
Good breakfasts.

Feeding my mind and clogging my arteries.


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Stefanie said...

Can't say I'm enthusiastic about the bacon. Glad you are enjoying the Updike though!