Thursday, January 19, 2012

Be Still My Heart

So tonight at Chapters I discovered the magazine of my dreams!
<-- It's called [be still my heart, be still…] Ground Beef.
I grabbed it off the rack like a wolf nabbing an injured rabbit, and trotted back to my table with the thing. Let me say the words again -- GROUND BEEF! Arguably the greatest invention since sliced buns, which, incidentally, were invented so that we could put ground beef between them!
I sipped my coffee and leafed through this magazine. Feeling guilty about the drool stains I left on the pages, I bought it.
The recipes in here are amazing -- and the magazine as a whole is just so… frigging comprehensive. And you should see the centerfold!
It's everything a domesticated carnivore could ever want!
I love it so much I've already cancelled my subscription to Better Homes and Burgers.
The only problem? One day ground beef probably will "still my heart" -- in a way that has little to do with recovering from former excitement levels.
But in the meantime, my rallying cry shall remain, "Bring on the condiments!"



Stefanie said...

A whole magazine dedicated to ground beef? Was this just a "special issue" of a cooking magazine or is this really a monthly magazine entirely dedicated to ground beef? Can I just say I think that is kind of weird and you might want to be wary that it isn't some sort of ground beef sting operation or something ;)

Cipriano said...

I think you are right, Stefanie. This magazine may have been a one-off. I do think the Mafia may have been involved. Says in the fine print that it was published by The Corleone Cudfathers.