Tuesday, January 17, 2012

What Books Do At Night

Have you ever wondered what books do at night? For instance, when the bookstore closes for the day and everyone goes home?
I have.
Admittedly, I'm afflicted with a few fairly serious mental issues, but I've always imagined that books left to themselves have little parties -- or at least conversations. A few years ago, I even wrote a poem about the phenomenon. I guess it's hard for me to imagine that something that brings such joy to my own life can have no joy or life of it's own.
There's probably a little shindig going on right now in my apartment, books running around all over the place. I just hope they don't drink all my beer.
I'm sitting in a bookstore as I write this, and I'm just looking around, imagining the mayhem that will ensue when the humans leave and the lights go out.
Recently a fellow Ontarian blogger [Melwyk from The Indextrious Reader] solved the mystery once and for all by posting on her site some actual footage of what goes on after closing time.
This particular party, captured by multiple video surveillance cameras, took place at Type, a bookstore in Toronto. It's well worth watching.



Anonymous said...

Don't worry about your beer as books don't go for liquids of any sort. Worry about Jack!

Cipriano said...

Good point, "C".

Anonymous said...

I'm happy this is not true . Books should not act noisey! Damn cartoons