Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Mac or PC? Which R U?

Tonight, after work, I went to my new hotspot for coffee-drinking.
It's this one fairly obscure Starbucks situated basically in a Best Buy parking lot at the junction of Coventry and Lola. I've frequented it for a few evenings now and I really like it. They play nicer music in there than at most places. Plus, tonight the barista girl gave me a free blueberry muffin to go with my Grande Bold coffee -- so, I'm liking it all the more!
When I say "hotspot" though that's a bit of a misnomer -- there is a bit of a chill that wafts in from the big plate glass window I happened to be sitting against. Doesn't help that a bit of a blizzard was happening on the other side… anyhow, I digress.
What I really wanted to ask of my dear readers was whether you are a Mac or a PC user. I may have asked this question before [I'm not sure] but I'm nothing if not redundant here at Bookpuddle.
At one point as I sat there sipping coffee for hours and reading The Woman in White, I looked around and did a bit of a cyber-tally. There were only six other people in the place. I made it seven. [Wow, Cipriano, you are so good at math!]
Thing is, there were six Apple products in use on the various tables. The only exception was a non-techie guy yonder reading a newspaper!
It made me realize the growing popularity of Mac usage.
More and more people are biting into the forbidden fruit, it seems.
I myself am a die-hard Mac addict and devotee. Recently my laptop was dropped from a table onto the concrete floor of a Starbucks, much to my immediate horror and subsequent cardiac arrest. Most other products [including an actual apple] would have had to be discarded after such a tragedy. But my MacBook Pro shrugged it off and I think it works even better now!
And speaking of popularity itself -- Apple is about to approach the 25 billionth App download -- at their website a frantically ticking counter tells the story.
Just minutes ago I made the little video clip, shown below.
So -- my question to you -- the short and sweet of it is this -- what are you viewing this Bookpuddle blog on, dear friend?
A PC? Or, the thing that is better --> a Mac?


Stefanie said...

I've been a devoted Mac user since I bought my first blueberry clamshell in 2000. I even manage to convert my husband :)

Beth said...

I'm using my MacBoook Pro - of course. Have never used a PC. And I wish I'd bought stock in Apple way back when - never mind the fact I had no money to do so. I should have taken out a loan.

rhapsodyinbooks said...

I use a mac and my husband uses a pc. It's helpful to have both in the house because sometimes the mac can't see attachments from other pcs, but I love the mac!

Cipriano said...

Stefanie -- wow, this is before my time of Mac-enthusiasm. The blueberry clamshell. I became a convert after having my PC-laptop overheat and go black forever. My Macbooks have been 100% reliable and lovely. [Except the one I spilled a coffee into...]

Beth -- another faithful Mac user. I also wish I had Apple-stock when it was affordable. As Holden Caulfield would say, "Who doesn't?"

Rhapsody -- you are using the superior product in the Rhapsody-household, for sure. I salute thee!

Sam Sattler said...

I'm using an iPad2 at this moment but I have a Mac in my study. I switched over about three years ago after becoming more and more frustrated by my PC. Still do have two PC laptops that I use occasionally for old software apps...and they still drive me nuts.

Erin in Boston said...

I work on a PC at work and a Mac at home. I like the Mac for when I don't have an IT person at my beck and call.

Also, my dad used to teach computers at IBM when they were wall sized and used punch cards. When the PC was created, he couldn't get it! He used to come home complaining that it sent his work to LaLa Land again. He bought me a Mac for my first computer. :)