Monday, February 13, 2012

Splash du Jour: Monday

Historical fact: People stopped being human in 1913. That was the year Henry Ford put his cars on rollers and made his workers adopt the speed of the assembly line. At first, workers rebelled. They quit in droves, unable to accustom their bodies to the new pace of the age. Since then, however, the adaptation has been passed down: we've all inherited it to some degree, so that we plug right into joysticks and remotes, to repetitive motions of a hundred kinds.
-- Jeffrey Eugenides, Middlesex --

Have a great Monday!


Anonymous said...

Eugenides is an Idiot!

Cipriano said...

What kind of a comment is that? How can a world-reknown Pulitzer Prize-winning author be an "idiot"?

Alyce said...

That's a great quote! I loved The Marriage Plot, but couldn't get past the whole brother/sister incest section of Middlesex. It just wasn't for me.

Anonymous said...

Wow! That first comment up there blows my mind! For shame!

Cipriano said...

I agree, "C" -- for shame.
Who would say such a thing, and WHY?

Alyce -- I look forward to reading The Marriage Plot.
I already love this author, incestuous-themed or not!